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Trade App

How does it work?

Our Trade App offers four major functions, scroll down to find out more about how they can benefit your business:

  • Trade Analytics
  • Trade Entry
  • Trade Maintenance
  • Trade Automation

Occasionally customers will start with Trade App to take their first leap forward, moving on to adding the super-revenue-generating power of the Automation Apps once they have familiarised themselves with Trading Apps. As traders improve their use of the Automation Apps, they have less need to use the Trade App screens, maybe other than to take a quick look at certain key trades or markets.

Trade Analytics

Trade Analytics is a central place for traders to bring all their trading activity together, do analysis and make decisions. Trade Blotter shows all active trades with every available data point in the system being available for you for filtering/sorting/reporting.

Trade Analyzer provides you with pivot-table like capabilities; cut and dice the book to analyse and make decisions with high speed and versatility. Reporting can be configured to be displayed in any number of layouts and formats, and set up to be automatically created and distributed according to your needs and schedules.

Trade Entry

The Trade Entry screen gives you the ability to create new trades, individual or bulk, including a ‘drag and drop’ facility. This speeds up what would typically be time consuming manual activity.

As you type in the high-level information (counterparty, security etc.) the other data entry fields self-populate, saving you the effort of finding the information.

Trade Maintenance

Trade Maintenance – within this browser, all lifecycle events can be viewed, managed and reported on. You can edit, cancel, rate change, return, recall, mark within this one screen.

This can be done on individual or bulk trades, after filtering and sorting against any number of parameters. This capability dramatically saves time for your busy trading desk and optimises your P&L.

Trade Automation

Trade App underpins our Automation tools, the Lender and Borrower Apps, enabling automated trades to be recorded and sent down to the back office. 

However entered (manual or automated), Trade App ensures accurate trade information is sent down to backoffice systems reducing settlement challenges and operational risk. This is how our front-end solutions create downstream cost benefits within the institution.

Using tech from the best global providers

Our developers and producers work with the world’s leading technology services, ensuring your solutions and workflows are always one step ahead.

Reinvent your trading operations

Streamline your trading

Let’s set up a 30-minute video call to discuss your company’s requirements. 

Then, we’ll work with our team to bring you a product demo, designed to show you what’s really possible.

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