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There Is An Alternative

What is TA.Link?

  • A new trading option for market participants to trade safely, reliably, and affordably.
  • TA.Link will facilitate pre- and post-trade negotiated lifecycle events (trade, rerate, recall, return).
  • Covers all lifecycle events, providing more efficiency and automation around these often neglected events.
  • Includes sending/receiving targeted availability, counter offers and completed trade confirm.

What Does TA.Link Cost?

  • A low fixed monthly cost per participant.
  • No transaction fees or volume fees.
  • No upfront costs – payment starts when trades flow.

The Benefits

How can TA.Link benefit your business?

How Do Your Connect to TA.Link?

Connection is simple and in some cases straight out of the box (depends on your system set up). A GUI is available for participants instead of the API.

TA.Link is provided as a cloud-based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) subscription offering, interfaced via standard Webservice API calls making it easily accessible to the market. It has built-in DR and no MQ or leased line costs.

Streamline your trading

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