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Locates App

How does it work?

Traders configure the Locates App to automatically make decisions about how much of the available inventory to locate against, and at what rate. This can be customised by individual hedge fund, or hedge fund group (e.g. ‘Tier 1 hedge fund clients’). 

The rules are for you to create against your definition of specialness (hot/ warm/GC etc.), min/max volumes etc., continually adapting automatically to changing market conditions as those evolve. 

You define your own pricing to automatically apply any up-ticks in retail rate over market rates, for example, against your various individual or customer groups to ensure you are optimising your returns.

Impact on your business

What impact could our Locates App have on your Securities Finance business?

Using tech from the best global providers

Our developers and producers work with the world’s leading technology services, ensuring your solutions and workflows are always one step ahead.

Reinvent your trading operations

Streamline your trading

Let’s set up a 30-minute video call to discuss your company’s requirements. 

Then, we’ll work with our team to bring you a bespoke product demo, designed to show you what’s really possible.

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