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Exposure Management

How does it work?

Trading Apps Exposure Management Tool provides a real-time snapshot of current exposure and coverage, displaying summary of trades and collateral, broken down by Bilateral Non-Cash, Triparty, Cash and Cash Pool. 

Exposure can be viewed at a Counterparty, Counterparty Major, or Program level.  Trading Apps provide familiar looking and intuitive user interfaces viewed on a standard web browser, that provide consistency across our applications. Within these screens, users can simply click through context-sensitive summary numbers to drill-down through the data to see the details and source of the information. For example clicking on a number in the Booked Collateral column displays all the collateral trades contributing to that number.

Impact on your business

What impact could Exposure Management have on your Securities Finance business?

Customisable and adaptable

Exposure Reports can be user-configured and scheduled for delivery to the counterparty. Reports can be in a number of formats; MS Excel/Word or pdf, csv etc. 

The system will automatically populate the next report generated with the most up to date information. This helps other departments to monitor and provide onward reporting within the bank, or feed other systems too.

Reinvent your trading operations

Streamline your trading

Let’s set up a 30-minute video call to discuss your company’s requirements. 

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