The most comprehensive suite of front-office securities borrowing and lending solutions.

Trading Apps automation apps can easily integrate with third-party consolidation apps.

Delivery either as modular or full front-end solution.

A view of the how customers communicate with the Trading Apps solutions, via TA Link, FTP, Phone/Email, Bloomberg, EquiLend, or GLMX/Others
Automation Apps

Lender app

Reads and translates all incoming borrow requests, in any format, collating the info into one easy-to-use interactive view in a standard browser window.

Locates app

Real-time automation brings together, from any sources, all your availability to locate against. Scalable, with lightning speed for your processes.

Borrower app

Fully automated borrowing of securities by identifying your short positions, performing your rate negotiation (counter), to finally STP booking the trade.

Consolidation Apps

Inventory & availability

We bring multiple inventories, external market data, trading information, and intelligence into a single manageable screen.

Trade app

Brings together Trade Analytics, Trade Entry, Trade Maintenance, and Trade Automation into a single, robust solution. Streamlining your trading.

Pricing engine

Integrates with market data providers, bringing in prevailing prices and data to support the creation of indicative rates and power the automation of trading.

Operations Apps

Recalls app

The Recalls App provides users with a centralised view of all Recall Needs and their current status. Recalls App continually monitors inventory in real-time.

Returns app

The Returns App contains functionality for both lenders and borrowers to help them automate returns with a centralised view of all in-flight returns.

Exposure Management

Provides a real-time snapshot of current exposure and coverage, displaying summary of trades and collateral, broken down by Bilateral Non-Cash, Triparty, Cash and Cash Pool. 

All of our solutions integrate seamlessly with the most relevant third-party providers, whether they’re Post Trade Service Providers (EquiLend or Pirium) or your own back office system

Impact your business

Our apps are designed to give your securities lending operation the edge over the competition.

Streamline your trading

Let’s set up a 30-minute video call to discuss your company’s requirements. 

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