Matthew Harrison Returns to Trading Apps as CEO

Trading Apps (TA) has always been led by a team with frontline experience. Our first-hand understanding of the challenges Securities Finance companies go through allows the products we produce to truly meet our customers’ needs. 

Hence, we are thrilled to welcome back Matthew Harrison as CEO of Trading Apps. Matthew co-founded TA in 2011, building innovative solutions and gaining customers. Then, in 2018, he agreed to join BNY Mellon as a Managing Director in the Securities Lending division, supporting their purchase of TA software. At this point, Laura Allen was promoted to be the Managing Director at Trading Apps.

Laura has now elected to move on from Trading Apps and we take this opportunity to thank her for the brilliant service to our company. She set a high standard across the business and ensured the team was well supported. During her tenure as MD, TA further improved our product range and launched new initiatives within the business. We wish Laura all the best in the future.

Matthew’s career in the sector began in the early nineties, working at Lehman Brothers, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank. He then founded Real Time Financial Management in 1998, where he developed the ground-breaking system ‘Martini’ (later purchased by Sungard [now FIS] and renamed to ‘Apex’). In 2008, he joined Rule Financial as a director, which eventually led to him co-founding Trading Apps Ltd in 2011. The products developed by Matthew and his teams, over the past 3 decades, are used by financial institutions globally to this day.

The next chapter of Trading Apps will see more innovation within our products and a continued focus on world class customer service. Matthew already plans to incorporate more machine learning into our automation products and has other innovative ideas to bring to Securities Finance.

You can expect further updates early in 2022, as Matthew puts his stamp on our company’s future strategic vision.

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