Celebrating Carol Kemm: Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Our Consultant Director, Carol Kemm, has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Securities Finance Times Industry Excellence Awards 2023.

The entire Trading Apps team is filled with pride as we celebrate our Consultant Director, Carol Kemm, who was recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Securities Finance Times Industry Excellence Awards 2023. The honour, which acknowledges the impact of individuals who have made significant and enduring contributions to the securities finance industry, is a fitting testament to Carol’s extraordinary career.

From her initial entry into the field, Carol has played a transformative role in the evolution of the securities finance industry. Her commitment to innovation and her exceptional ability to foresee industry trends have been nothing short of revolutionary.

A formidable technologist, Carol co-founded K-Tek in 1985 and led the development of Global One, a software system that fundamentally changed the securities finance landscape. This system was so forward-thinking that, despite technological advances over the years, it still forms the backbone of many leading global securities finance institutions.

When Carol began her journey in the 70s, the financial industry was largely manual and paper-based. Carol, with her foresight and vision, recognised the potential of technology to drive efficiency and accuracy, and her pioneering work with Global One proved her right. The software system, equipped with advanced features such as availability and locates, a full reporting suite, multi-entity trade automation, and more, offered a level of accuracy and speed previously unseen.

Her tenacity and resilience saw her through the changing corporate ownerships of Global One, and her dedication led her to us here at Trading Apps in 2020. We have been very fortunate to have someone of Carol’s expertise and brilliance in our team. Her deep industry knowledge continues to guide us as we extend our reach into the post-trade technology sphere.

Carol is known among colleagues as a spirited, perpetually positive force. Beneath her cheerful demeanour lies an unwavering dedication to the industry that has been her life’s passion.

In recognising Carol’s monumental contributions, the award is truly deserved. We are immensely proud of Carol and believe that her legacy will continue to inspire not just us, but generations of technologists in the securities finance industry.

The world of securities finance is much richer for having Carol Kemm.

Carol receiving her Lifetime Achievement Award

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