About Us

In today’s trading world, good enough isn’t enough.

Trading Apps is an independently owned technology company servicing Global Capital Markets customers, primarily with software services. Our customers are large global banks and other institutions that trade in both Securities Lending and Fixed Income markets. 

Our team of developers, business analysts and industry experts have worked in this sector for decades and have introduced many pioneering automation solutions that provide efficiencies and risk reduction to banks, enabling them to trade more successfully while increasing volumes and decreasing costs.

As a business, we are obsessed with constant improvement. Every second we save, every function we automate, every efficiency we find, all add up to greater advantages for you.

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What we believe

Never sit back.

Innovation for us means always looking for the next improvement. How can we do what we do better?

Partners, not clients

We share the ups and downs. If something keeps you awake, it’s keeping us awake too.

Specialise, don't generalise.

To stay ahead, expertise is everything. We’ve spent years in Securities Finance, ensuring we know the sector inside out.

Do what's right, not what's easy.

We don’t stop until we’ve found the solution that takes your trading team ahead of the pack.

Streamline your trading

Let’s set up a 30-minute video call to discuss your company’s requirements. 

Then, we’ll work with our team to bring you a product demo, designed to show you what’s really possible.