Say goodbye to tedious tasks. Say hello to potential.

Wouldn’t Securities Finance be simpler with more integration and automation? Shouldn’t the day be about opportunities, not mundanities? It’s time to change the way we work.

See your Securities Finance team outperform their peers.

We’re here to understand what you need, and put you one step ahead. The advantage of more efficient workflows. Increased ROI from day one. A better experience for traders and support staff.

Effective delivery

Automate, integrate, customise. Global access, smoother processes… be free to realise your potential.

True partners

Enjoy direct access to our developers, and a team with first-hand experience. We’re in this together.

Increased ROI

Every one of our clients has noticed and reported an increased ROI in the first quarter alone.

Designed by a team with frontline experience.

We’ve been traders. We’ve been support staff. We know the pressures you face, and we’re here to give you the edge.

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On a mission

To take Securities Finance from laborious and complex to smart and nimble.

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Always pushing on

Determined to find new efficiencies, we regularly update our software.

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Experienced & agile

Our extensive careers as traders and developers mean we spot and solve problems quickly.

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Totally transparent​

Enjoy access to the whole Trading Apps team for first-hand advice, from our MD to our developers.

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Interested? Talk to Matthew, our CEO

Let’s set up a 30-minute video call to discuss your requirements. Then I’ll work with the team to bring you a bespoke product demo, designed to show you what’s really possible.

Using tech from the best global providers.

Our developers and producers work with the world’s leading technology services, ensuring your solutions and workflows are always one step ahead.

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Arrange a demonstration, tailored for your business

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Our software covers all aspects of Securities Finance, focusing on automation, connectivity and interoperability. Talk to us, and we’ll show you what’s possible.